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♦ Dean's Message ♦


Prof. HUANG Jiesheng

Tel: +086 027 68774363


Blessed by the hills of Luojia and nurtured by the water of the East Lake, Wuhan University boasts 120 years of excellence.

The School of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering of Wuhan University has a history of over 6 decades, dating back to the Wuhan University School of Hydrology of 1952.  In December 2000, the faculties of Hydropower Engineering, Hydro Engineering, Water Resources and River Engineering and the Institute of Hydropower of the Former Wuhan Hydropower University merged to form the current School. After 6 decades of dedication, the School has developed into a renowned ground for education and research.  Generations scholars and students have devoted their talent and efforts here to witness the School’s progress.  The School adheres to team spirit and relentlessness, aiming to nurture the best talents in the field both domestically and internationally.  A total of over 40 thousands students have graduated from the School, having become outstanding scholars, government officials, engineers and entrepreneurs who contribute to the progress of the society.

Welcome, aspiring youths, this is the cradle of your dreams!