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WINNER of Graduates Basketball Match of WHU


2018.11.13 Tuesday 


On the evening of November 12th, the final battle of the 2018 Graduates Basketball Match of WHU successfully completed among wild applauses in Songqing Gymnasium. After a tough contest, we narrowly defeated the team of the School of Electrical Engineering by 39-37, which is our first championship this year in Basketball League.


In the competition, under the leadership of the Captain Zhou Chenxing, our team players scored frequently as soon as they came on the court, opening the gap of 17-5 in the first quarter.


From the 2nd quarter, the SEE team fired up and started a fierce attack and caught up quickly. During the 20 minutes, the strong opponents kept strengthening their attacks, scored successively and overtook us. The situation was very tense.


At this time, in order to turn disadvantage, we adjusted our coping strategies, suppressed opponents' scoring points, caught everything that SEE launched away. And to fight back and narrow the gap, we switched on full power to caught every chance and shot at the basket.


At the last two seconds, player Xie Dong scored the key three-point goal and turned the table at one stroke, occasioning a burst of cheer for the final victory. Xie Dong’s stretch of forceful play won him the title of the best basketball player by contributing 21 points in the whole match.


During the whole match, our team presented a 7-game winning streak in two weeks against the School of Administration, the School of Arts, the School of Philosophy, the School of Remote Sensing, the School of Printing and Packaging, the Second Clinical College and the School of Electrical Engineering.


After winning the women's basketball match this year, men’s victory brings more credit to SWRHE. The story of winning both men's and women's double Championships will be recorded in the history of college sports activities.