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[Recruitment Announcement] Institute of Hydroecology
Time: 2019-01-07 09:00:00    From:

Institute of Hydroecology, Wuhan University


1.      Introduction

Institute of Hydroecology, Wuhan University, was founded in the School of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering in December, 2017, aiming at finding countermeasures against rising eco-environmental risks caused by human activities through researches on the structuring process of ecosystem, promoting the supporting role of engineering-nature complex ecosystem in the Yangtze River Basin for the sustainable socioeconomic development. The specific tasks include undertaking theoretical and applied research, developing technology, providing professional training, and enhancing international collaboration in hydroecology and environmental sciences.


2.      Research Directions

1)      Ecosphere evolving and human modification

l  Evolving mechanism of natural ecosystems 

l  Impacts of human activities on the structuring process of ecosphere

l  Modifications of hydro-projects on riverine ecosystems

l  Evolving trends of engineering–nature complex ecosystem

2)      Investigation of ecosystems and environmental health

l  Development and application of molecular techniques in environmental studies

l  Biotic integrity and evaluation of ecosystems

l  Structure and function of food web

l  Succession of algal bloom, catastrophes and ecological risks

3)      Pollution control, ecological restoration and aquatic habitat re-naturalization

l  Eutrophication process and control

l  Restoration of natural processes in rivers 

l  Eco-restoration of littoral zones

l  Protection of endangered species and habitats

4)      Ecohydrology and hydroecological regulation of river and lake

l  Evolving mechanism of ecohydrological process under changing environment

l  Ecological water demand calculation and eco-operation of river and lake

l  Hydrology-Ecology-Society coupling modeling and regulation of river and lake



Long-term research framework


3.      Current Research Team

l  Jianbo Chang, Ph D, Professor, Director

Areas of research: the structural process of ecosystem and its theories, ecological restoration and protection of endangered aquatic animals.


l  Guoqing Lu, Ph D Guest Professor

Areas of research: molecular ecology, comparative genomics and bioinformatics.


l  Hua Zhong, Ph D, Professor

Areas of research: transport and transformation of contaminants in aquatic environment and remediation of contaminated water bodies.


l  Peng ZhangPh D, Research Associate

Area of research: Eco-hydrological and Eco-hydraulic model, ecological protection and restoration, and impacts of climate change and human activities on aquatic organisms and ecosystem.


4.      Asking for joining

We promise to provide optimal working conditions for scientists whom interested in the research directions of our institute, requirements and treatments for different expecting level of career please see: