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Xia Jun
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Xia Jun, born in September 1954academician of  Chinese Academy of Sciences. Long engaged in the study of hydrology and water resources, with great concentration on the complex river basin water problem of the hydrological system of nonlinear theory and method. He pays much attention to the combination of basic research in the application of water science and water resources management in China, services in the national water resources management and climate change national water strategy in support of science and technology, is committed to solve the Chinese economic and social development in the face of the basic theory of system hydrology and watershed water-related disasters, water environment and water resources management practice scientific issues.

Xia Jun is also actively involved in the face of global water issues of international cooperation, focusing on the comparison of China's water problems and the world's water problems and application research. His systematic research results have been highly recognized by the international academic community. In 2011 won Third World Water Management Center awarded "the outstanding contribution award for international water resources management". In 2014, he won "the International Hydrological Science Award -Volker award", and became the first Chinese scholar to receive this honor.

As a national key 973 infrastructure project and other major scientific and technological project team leader, over the past ten years, Xia Jun and his team has undertaken a number of national level, the Chinese Academy of science knowledge and innovation direction of engineering, as well as the ministry of water resources, environmental protection, the national development and reform commission and other scientific research projects in the field of hydrology and water resources, in 2014 approved the national major scientific and technological Water Project. He has published more than 400 academic papers, of which 134 in SCI, EI included 157, received a Hubei Province Natural Science Prize and six provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress award.